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The Kalk Post Show Review.


ou dear! what a night!

two weeks ago, in Salon atmosphere,  we had our first Radio Show starring the amazing  Waltraud Blischke , who is always a bunch of fun for our ears, at the ” Baustelle Kalk”;  @ THE KALK POST RADIO SHOW.


Thx so much to all who were there. On the 26th of September the show will go on. More infos about the upcoming show will fallow.


here more about the play list.



01. Jamaaladeen Tacuma – Rouge (Gramavision)
02. COS – 3 Femme Dans Ma Tête (GeeBeeDee)
03. Donald Knaack & Peggy Knaack – Cash Flow (hat Musics)
04. Sleaford Mods – Donkey (Harbinger Sound)
05. Suicide – Swearin’ To The Flag (Blast First)
06. Die Welttraumforscher – Augenblicksarchitektur (Das Moniflabel)
07. Spy vs. Spy – Untitled (Irdial Discs)
08. Severed Heads – Lamborghini (VOD-Records)
09. Ra.H & Dynamo Dreesen – Spacepops / Donato Dozzy Rework (Morphine)
10. Ike Yard – Half A God (Factory America)
11. Heldon – Interface (Cobra)
12. Andy Stott – Numb (Modern Love)
13. Tony Olliviera – Prophetic Light (Sistrum)
14. RP Boo – Battle In The Jungle (Planet Mu)
15. Sun Papa And Lawrence Le Doux – Coca Cola Horizon (Thin Consolation)
16. Carlo Fashion – Taiwanese Tam-Tam (Hausmusik)
17. Tony Scott & The Indonesian Allstars – Djanger Bali (SABA)
18. Ornette Coleman – What A Reason Could I give (Columbia)
19. Luv You Madly Orchestra – Moon Maiden (Salsoul)
20. Evans Pyramid – No, I Won’t (Cultures Of Soul)
21. Negativland – Perfect Cut / Good As Gold (RecRec Music)
22. ERB – The Weekend (Clubhouse)
23. Harry “The Crown” Hosono – Sayonara (Panam)

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