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Planet.pia.janssen-nils.amadeus.lange.01 Planet.pia.janssen-nils.amadeus.00

Nils Amadeus Lange/  Performance/ Cologne Planet.pia.janssen-philip.schwalb  Philip Schwalb Planet.pia.janssen.00-christian.rothmalerChristian Rothmaler Planet.Max.Leiss02-bela.pablo.janssen Planet.Max.Leiss02a-bela.pablo.janssen Béla Pablo JanssenPlanet.pia.janssen.01-bela.pablo.janssen Béla Pablo Janssen Planet.pia.janssen.00.balz.isler  Balz Isler Planet.Max.Leiss00.b.i.-b.p.j.-c.r.-p.s.  Balz Isler, Béla Pablo Janssen, Christian Rothmaler, Philip Schwalb / ggg Atelier Max Leiß in BaselPlanet.Max.Leiss01-balz.isler  Balz Isler Planet.Max.Leiss00-christian.rothmaler-philip.schwalbChristian Rothmaler, Philip Schwab Planet.Max.Leiss01-bela.pablo.janssenBéla Pablo Janssen


Nils Amadeus Lange / Basel 13.04.2013

Planet.Max.Leiss00-bela.pablo.janssenBéla Pablo Janssen



In March and April 2013, the Artists: Nils Amadeus Lange, Philip Schwalb, Christian Rothmaler, Balz Isler und Béla Pablo Janssen self-organised the the two shows PLANET PIA JANSSEN/ Private Spot in Cologne & PLANET MAX LEIß ggg Atelierhouse in Basel/ CH. They had great support by curator Claudio Vogt, Pia Janssen, Max Leiß, Block Barley, Silvi & Tim Beaucoup.

All fotos by B.P.J. Spontan Archive 2013/ Cologne


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