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Diesen Freitag ” abstract on paper”


“abstract on paper” 

13 Dec. 2013 – 11 Jan. 2014, Opening: Fr. 13 Dec., 7-10 pm
Galerie Chaplini, Bismarckstrasse 60
50672 Köln

Florian Baudrexel

Ralf Dereich

Sebastian Freytag

Behrang Karimi

Henry Kleine

Colin Penno

Max Schulze

Adriaan Verwée

Thomas Wachholz

The exhibition “abstract on paper” examines the approaches of nine contemporary positions with regard to the way the various artists deal with paper as a picture support. The exhibition strives to reveal the diverse concepts of young abstract artists active in the field of “works on paper”.

How different the use of paper can be becomes clear on several levels. Most obvious are the various properties of the paper used and what the various paper types signify: On the one hand, there is photographic paper, which has a functional application with regard to digital prints, and on the other hand, there is also found paper with its traces of previous use, which is brought into new contexts, or magazine paper, which is frequently used in collages. Equally important are the various techniques employed: from nitro-frottage, monotypes, digital prints to classical drawings with pencil or ballpoint pen.

The level of artistic intervention also varies from work to work. The works on view range from found sheets of paper with splatters of paint used by house painters to rough sketches and highly complex, meticulously structured compositions. Their positioning within each artist’s oeuvre also varies greatly, from highly autonomous works on paper in their own right to works which are closely related to, for example, paintings on canvas, whereby the works on paper function in a certain sense as preliminary drawings.

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