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Greetings from Peru

We have been traveling the last weeks through Peru. We went to the Titicaca See, saw high dry mountains, very very old pre Inca ruins, inca ruins, deserts, beaches in the frontier with Ecuador, and the massive concrete Jungle of Lima. So far we believe to have enjoyed the best food in South America. The last 10 days we spent in Miraflores, a wonderful district of Lima. We were at a friend’s place, a friend which is not only a wonderful guy but  also an awesome artist; Rafa

Love from Julia and Hermes.  Fotos by Julia Maiquez Esterlich.

Here some impressions:


 la-foto-2-16 la-foto-3-16 julia


la-foto-1-19 la-foto-4-13 la-foto-3-17 la-foto-2-17 la-foto-5-8 image-8 image-11 image-10







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