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Kleine Gesellschaft für VENUS. Eine Ausstellung von Franziska Opel


Ort: Kleine Gesellschaft für Kunst und Kultur, Hamburg

2.Oktober – October 24, 2015

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Her first soloshow in Hamburg is dedicated to Venus. Venus – a planet, a mythological and therefore recurring image in art history, appears again in her video work now framed in a digital church-window. Various versions of Venus, depicted by artists from Tizian to Michelangelo Pistoletto, are surrounded with colored graphic elements, but now the paintings are turned into black and white photographs. One Venus after an other appears. Rotating letters, like a silent voice-over, describe them as „HARD WORKING GIRLS“.

The large words „FUNNY GAMES“, reaching almost from floor to ceiling in the exhibition space, remind of western-style lettering, of bones, but one could also see (funny) letters with balls. On the whole, the exhibition plays with the paradox of sin and holyness. This is featured best by a self-made vending machine offering an oversized (A4) playing card for one Euro. The cards show praying hands with the word PLAY juggled around them, and on the filpside the same hands mimic a gun with the word PRAY around them. In the exhibition also Mars – Venus‘ counterpart – shows up in heraldic emblems.

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