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Bérlin Diary # 2 & 3

07.08.2011 ≈09:42 Berlin / Neukölln

One week Bérlin, I might have had at least one good talking a day. I met old faces, from times from Hamburg as well as from Berlin. For Example Naomi Henning, she is an old friend of mine from Hamburg. Back then we started the 4komma5freunde artist group: Florian Tampe, Knut Herrmann, Alexander Bunge, Naomi Henning & me. So around 2007 we all split some how, eather into the world or so so. So after Naomi came back from Japan, she dicided to go to Berlin. Around that time I was a tutor in the free class in the Udk alongside Anton Steenbock. I interduced Naomi to the Interflugs People and told them that she would be the right Person for the new leadership. And so she presented her self and the folks wanted her to lead the Interflugs. Which is like from 88/89 the alternative education and material stock for artstudents in the Univertity of Arts in Berlin. Since 88/89 Students do theire own projects with the label free class. This Riot in the beginning became an institutional wing of the art school. And still Naomi and the others pushed out a book witch has a lot of text input. I wrote a text in German for the MOBILE PUBLISHER/ Der Mobilde Verlag. Witch is a Tool of “Freie Klasse” Free class UDK.

For those who ahve interests into that book, I sell them and will bring some to König Buchhandlung Köln.