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Need some Traxx!?

::: TRAXX – the mighty record selector from Chicago – is playing in Cologne tonight!
K5 (Kunsthaus Rhenania) – Bayenstraße 28 – 50678 Köln – :::


Expect a great musical journey including various styles..from abstract

Acid House to ‘Weirdo Industrial Waves’… pure HEAT!

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“24 Hrs” Review

„24hrs“ Review
Franziska Opel  at 5,26 M³
17.04. 2015 bis 16.05








Coming through the underground entrance Ebertplatz one gets a hint of the Cologne Art Fair taking place on ground-level elsewhere in the city. Franziska Opel exhibits her piece 24 HRS OPEN in two large shop windows, invited by the ComeTogether Projekt. The brightly coloured graphics remind of stained glass in churches through black outlines. But here it is neon light that shines trough. The sole sacral aspect of the piece, which consciously deals with the world of art and advertising. The windows show the words PLAY and TIME stretched by graphic images. Some of the letters appear shadow-like on the rear wall. Oscillating between these two messages art-carousel turns its rounds. The lights are on and the money flows…

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“24 Hrs Open” Franziska Opel


17ten April bis 16ten Mai 2015


Ebertplatz Haltestelle, Zwischeneben, Ausgang Turiner Str. / Eigelstein
Am 17ten April, um 19 Uhr, möchten wir euch herzlichst einladen zur Eröffnung von “24 Hrs Open” von der Hamburger Künstlerin Franziska Opel.

“Downtown in the underground
we’re going down
We’re going down
to get it started
Listen to the sound
in the underground
In the underground
we get it started
The lights are on”

yours truly



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