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Meanwhile in Montevideo

This year we participated on the Project “The Collective Eye” a plattform for collectives in Europe and South America. The exhibition was in Montevideo where the lovely Sofia Fernandez was representing us.

We had an Installation coming along with a publication and a video. On the project took part from our crew: Melike Kara, Maito Firmino, Thea Barkhoff, Sofía Fernandez, Eva Pisana, Béla Pablo Janssen, Timothy Shearer,Julia Maiquez Esterlich, Vincent Schneider, Hugo Hoppmann, und Hermes Villena.

For more Info go to:

Thx To “The Collective Eye” for inviting us to participate!


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all together

There we go! All Together now, the new sticker pack for this year is there, showing some of the faces from the Collective.


Julia M. Esterlich from Valencia // Hambrug


Michael Yaikel from Santigo de Chile


Vincent Schneider from Karlsruhe // Sao Paulo


Dennis Freischlad ( feat Hugo Hoppmann ) both from Köln  //

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Our new Stickers arrived

There we go! Our Stickers for the Summer 2012 are out! Four different Styles.

This one here a gathering from a Dennis Freischlad words with the layout from  Hugo Hoppmann.

Soon more to see.