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in a way, things didn´t change that much!

Having fun with Kids was one of my favorite project with the CTP till now!
Three Weeks hanging with them in Porz at the “Glas Hütte” was the Bomb!
i must say Kids are just the best think to spend time with! If they don’t like something, well they say it! And if they do they are just fine.

At the beginning we were ( well a part of us ) a bit afraid since we had no idea at all about how this was going to work! Besides Julia none of has had till now worked with Kids.
Right Now we are working on an exhibition to show what we did with them and most important of all what to they did by them selfs.

So if you like save the Date and come over to get to know them: 24th of August at the Gallery ……

Thanks to the CAT COLOGNE COLLEKTIVE for inviting us to be part of the program. And thx to the guys from the Glas Hütte!





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Meanwhile in Berlin

Unsere Katharina ist seit dem letzten Freitag auf dem Theatertreffen der Jugend im Haus der Berliner Festspiele,
weil das Theaterstück in dem sie mitspielt “Fluch der Hoffnung” von den Rheinischen Rebellen, dem Jugendclub vom Schauspiel Köln,
dazu eingeladen ist. In einer Woche werden die acht eingeladenen Theaterstücke gezeigt, und den Teilnehmenden verschiedene Workshops
im Bereich Performance, kreatives Schreibe, Regie, Kurzfilm und mehr, angeboten.