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The Wall pt. III

The Wall pt. III is about to happen! In 2009 we invited Herr Schulze, Morbid & Daiker to paint the first ComeTogether Wall (Friesenwall, Köln). Two years later the ComeTogether Youth & Morbid did the second wall (Vogelsanger str. 193, Köln).

Now it´s time for the third edition. Our guests Sepe & Chazme come from Warsaw and will paint a mural in the center of Düsseldorf between 25th and 29th of june. Inauguration will take place 29th of june 19h at the wall. drinks & boombox are in the place!

Adress: Bendemannstrasse 7, Düsseldorf (2 mins. walk from HBF Düsseldorf).
Date: painting 25th -29th of june | inauguration 29th of june 19h

One day after Sepe & Chazme present their show “Inside Outside” at the Arty Farty Gallery Cologne. Vernissage 30th of june.

Much LOVE to Sepe, Chazme, Coskun & Babak!